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I love natural movement but I don’t have the same freedom as before I became a mum. There’s isn’t much time after work, daycare pick up, cooking dinner and bedtime routine. Instead I focus on the movement I can implement while still doing daily tasks and work.

I rarely sit on a chair or couch and instead I sit on the floor, stand at our standing desk or sit cross-legged on the chair. I also try to incorporate stretches and this way I make positions more nutritious by mixing it up, This brings more variation and mobility into your joints, ligaments, muscles and the rest of what your body is comprised of. Floor sitting and sitting cross-legged is like extending your yoga class by increasing your hip flexibility, which will reduce lower back and knee pain and make everything from walking to dancing easier and more enjoyable. On top of that, floor sitting requires extra movement every time you have to get up and down from the floor. To avoid sitting on a chair or a couch, we decided to live in a couch free home two years ago and I’ve noticed how flexible my hips have become. It feels like it has happened out of the blue since the only thing I’ve done is change my sitting habits.

Another thing that I focus on is the movement required to run a household, do gardeningforage food and spend more time in nature. We’re also upgrading our footwear to minimal footwear which activates more muscles, ligaments etc. in your foot and ankle in contrast to conventional footwear that keeps your feet in a kind of cast. Image using your hands with big bulky mittens. I also believe that we’re seen as the unusual parents when we take our son to a playground because we’re jumping, hanging and balancing like all the kids 😃

On a grey, wet and windy winter day like today, I sit on the floor with my laptop and I like to sit by the window to get exposed to more light during these short days. Over all can be a challenge to get out during the winter in contrast to the warmer and longer days we’ve here in Northern Europe during spring and summer.

The best part is that these incorporated movements and avoiding being sedentary have played a big part in alleviating neck pains that I’ve experienced for many years. You can read more about it here.


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