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I haven’t been very active on social media lately. We’ve been moving into our own place after a year living with my parents.

I can’t believe a year has gone. It took a long time with immigration to get hubby’s immigration sorted. Then we were busy with new jobs and registering hubby’s own business here. Now we’re busy moving house.

We appreciate that we’ve had a welcoming base and helping hands at my parents place while we had to deal with all the practicalities settling in a new country and for me returning to my home region after almost 20 years away.

Shortly after we moving into my parents a friend asked if it was difficult having three roles – a mother – a partner – a daughter. It certainly was hard at times and I realised that in these parts of the world role models are hard to find.

For thousands of years hunter-gatherers lived together as several generations and with cousins and uncles etc. everyone was respected and treated as their own entity even as children.

How did they do it? How could hunter-gatherers live together several generations and at the same time cherish each individual?

I think one of the reasons was that you could only thrive if your the whole group was thriving. The group was only as strong as the “weakest” person. To do so they made space for each individual talent and interest.

They cherished each individua’s skills and everyone would benefit. You didn’t have to become like your dad. They would team you up with the person or people in the group that could mentor you the best.

Today we focus on our individual needs. A few hundred years ago we had to please our parents. We live in our small families and maybe our parents aren’t the best mentors for us but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a right mentor for you in your community who is from a different generation than yourself.

This was my thoughts from the knowledge I have and certainly I’m no expert. I’ve a huge interest in how hunter-gatherers lived, moved and ate and I like to read about it.


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