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I would like to share some great tips how you can become less sedentary, move more and extend your yoga practice outside the classroom without using any extra time during your busy day. You only need to organise your home and possible workplace a little differently and change your old sedentary routine for a new ones where you mix it up more 🙂

Many of us use an awful lot of time sitting and being sedentary. It can seem hard to find a solution to get out of the chair, when working on the computer many hours, watching TV from the couch plus sitting for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It’s better, the more you can mix it up as it’ll bring more variation and mobility into your joints, ligaments, muscles and the rest of what your body is comprised of.

If you’ve to sit in front of a computer for many hours, then don’t just sit in one position through out the day, day after day; bring one leg up, then the other leg, both legs and turn your chair around to sit on it the other way. Set a timer if you forget and change position when it starts feeling uncomfortable. Over time you’ll be able to sit longer in each position and it’s like doing your own little yoga session on your chair through out the day, everyday 😉

If you want to make sitting even more nutritious, get of the chair/ couch and combine it with exposure to natural light and fresh air. When I work from my lap top I sit outside or next to a window when possible and I sit on the ground using blanket, cushions, foam roller or rocks for support and to keep my back tall. At home, I also have my lunch sitting on the floor. In addition, we’ve made our home couch free and we’ll be changing our dinner table over for a low Japanese style table so our house also will be chair free.

Here’s some suggestions how you can make sitting more nutritious and getting more mobility into your body.

1. Get off the chair & couch

  • Sit more on the floor/ ground and use blankets, cushions etc. for support.
  • Sit in front of the couch and use it as back support.
  • Make your home couch-free (get rid of your couch) and organise yourself with other low sitting arrangements.
  • Get up and down from the floor and ground in as many different ways as possible.
  • Sleep on as many different surfaces as possible (both hard and soft).

2. Natural light & fresh air

  • Sit outside with your lap top, book or even when chopping up vegetables.
  • Sit next to a window if you can’t get outside.

My neck and lower back pains are much less frequent after I’ve made these changes including sleeping without a pillow. I also walk as much as possible; walking in my breaks at work in the adjacent public open space, walking to the daycare to pick up my son and walking to the post office and shops when possible. Like most changes, it doesn’t happen over-night but you’ll experience this increasing physical capacity and mobility.


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