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This is another activity that involves nutritional stacking with natural movement, spending time in nature and grounding/ earthing as well as natural sunlight that strengthens our circadian rhythm and boosts our vitamin D levels. On top of that, we’re moving nutrients from the nutrient rich water onto the land for the garden. It’s a win-win for both the environment and us.

The outlet of our pond that leads the water to the stream running on our property was partially blocked, which resulted in build up of aquatic plants and algae in the pond. Of course some of the vegetation will grow back and that’s fine. We’re not against aquatic vegetation but it was completely taking over the pond.


The aquatic plants have absorbed lots of nutrients during the summer and now we’re “harvesting” the plants including the absorbed nutrients to compost and use on our garden next summer to grow veggies, fruits and berries. It’ll also benefit the stream and natural environment downstream by removing nutrients from the water as the nutrient input has increased for most waterways in modern times.


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