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It’s very inconvenient to have “IgG and IgA food sensitivity” to almonds and in particular, if you’re gluten/ grain free like me. It’s inconvenient because many gluten/grain free alternatives contain almonds or almond flour. Well, I guess the result is that I make more homemade breads and treats, which I think is a good thing however, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to stay clear of almonds.

I like marzipan and marzipan is a staple around Christmas in most Danish homes. I therefore started to make my own homemade processed-sugar free marzipan, using other nuts than almonds. In this recipe I use a mix of cashews and brazil nuts but if you’re not sensitive to almonds, you can easily use almonds instead. I also use dried dates (preferable medjool dates) to sweeten the marzipan and it makes a beautiful texture. Alternatively, you could leave out the dates and add your preferred sweetener to taste, like raw honey, rice malt syrup etc.



150 g Cashew nuts

50 g Brazil nuts

4-5 large Medjool dates

Extra virgin coconut oil (optional)

melted Dark chocolate (optional)



Pit the dates and put them in your blender/ Thermomix/ foodprocessor with the nuts.

Blend until  well mixed and the marzipan mass sticks together. First time I ran it too long and the consistency became more like thick nut butter 😉

When you make out the marzipan mass, it should be able to keep together without falling apart. You can add a little coconut oil if the mass won’t stick together.

Now you can roll the marzipan into bite size balls or roll it out using baking paper and a rolling pin and cut/press out desires shapes. You can also do what I did, rolled the marzipan into a log and left it in the freezer for a couple of hours before cutting it into slices with a sharp knife.

To make it even more delicious dip or brush melted chocolate on marzipan.

Store the marzipan cool, for example in the fridge or freezer.


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