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You might have noticed that my tips and go-to’s are often around connecting with nature and the patterns of the earth as many of us has moved away from nature and barely get in contact with it on a daily basis.

I believe that nature easily can be the missing link for you to experience great energy, sparkling eyes and a vitality that lasts all day. I also believe that many of our modern deceases and conditions are related to us disconnecting from our natural habitat and diet.

This missing link, reconnecting to nature, I like to call rewinding and I’m all about REWILD YOUR MODERN FAMILY 🙂

Nature and the wilderness have been our natural habitat and foundation for millions of years. It has provided us with a natural diet that we’ve been adapted to for millions of years and it has a huge impact on our circadian rhythm, the feeling of belonging and mental health.

The circadian rhythm roughly follows a 24-hour cycle and it’s influenced by your local environment like light and temperature. This is not just some “fluffy” science as researchers have identified genes that direct circadian rhythms in people, fruit flies, mice, fungi and several other organisms.

The circadian rhythm can influence our sleep-wake cycles, hormone release, and body temperature and an abnormal circadian rhythm has been associated with insomnia, obesity, diabetes, depression, bipolar disorder and seasonal affective disorder.

By disconnecting from nature and it’s patterns, we experience circadian disruption like exposure to artificial light at night, not enough natural light exposure during the day and not getting enough sleep due to an abnormal sleep-wake cycle.



  • Connect to the natural daily and seasonal rhythm.
  • Get more outdoors to get sunlight on your skin and eyes and get grounded barefooted.
  • Eat more organic and heirloom local produce.
  • Invite the outdoors inside.
  • Align you sleep-wake cycle with the natural rhythm.

If you want to learn more about each of these tips, I’ll be posting more “how to” the next couple of weeks so keep an eye on this space.


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