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A focus on nourishment instead of dieting was the first lifestyle change that my family and I made to achieve more vitality and energy. I also believe this step as has helped heal the neck pains I frequently experienced until recently as well as the other positive side effects my family and I have experience the last couple of years since changing our lifestyle. If you haven’t read HOW MY NECK PAIN HAS DIMINISHED (part 1) yet, I recommend that you read it.

As self-nourishment became a big interest of ours, we would seek information and recipes on nourishing food to fuel our bodies. This meant eating organic wholefoods and staying away from processed foods including gluten, dairy, sugars, additives and preservatives. We believe that we’re designed to “just eat real food” and this is an important phrase to have on your mind when you do your grocery shopping. It’s also important to have in mind that “what you eat eats” affects the nutritional value of the animal products that you eat. For example grass-fed beef contains between 2 and 5 times more omega-3s than grain-fed beef.

Before my little family made the final step to fully go free of gluten, dairy and processed sugars, we had been semi gluten and dairy free for a couple of years. When I say fully I mean 95% of the time as we value going out with friends and family and being spontaneous. For example, going to parties where people bring a plate or eating out at places where gluten, dairy and sugar free options are limited. We’ll still stay clear off the obvious gluten, dairy and sugar containing dishes while other dishes might be hard to tell. It’s also important to us that we can be spontaneous which means that we can’t plan every dietary step that might come or accepting that our toddler doesn’t understand what is the best dietary option at birthday parties.

Organic vegetables
Variety of vegetables
Green leafy vegetables (at every meal)
Lacto fermented foods
Healthy fats (animal fat from organic and pastured/free range animals, coconut oil, ghee and extra virgin olive oil)
Probiotic & prebiotic
Wild foods


Processed foods
Gluten & grains
Sugar (including fruit high in fructose)
Cake and lollies
Deep fried foods
Seed oils
Alcohol (beer contains gluten)



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I’ll also go into detail about our lifestyle changes around Toxic free home & personal care, Mindfulness & meditation, and Movement the next thee posts so stay tuned and don’t miss out as this could help you minimise or alleviate your neck and/or back pain.

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