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After a 20 hour flight, I started feeling pain in my neck and in that moment I realised that I haven’t “felt” my neck in a couple of months. I can’t believe it, as for many years I’ve frequently suffered from neck pain. My mind was then trying to work out how I’ve healed my neck but I don’t think it can be traced back to one event but rather a series of lifestyle changes. So over a post series of another four posts, I will share, going through step by step, the lifestyle changes I’ve made.

Long and lasting change rarely happens overnight and the lifestyle changes I’ve made is more a journey, step by step, where the changes you make today build in the changes you’ve already made. I strongly recommend that you make the lifestyle changes in your own time but I would like to highlight the importance of keeping focus on the wish to make changes.

I’ve not only suffered from neck pain over many years but also lower back pain, which I’ve been free from for a couple of years. Alleviating my lower back and neck pain was a positive side effect of changing my lifestyle and our family have experienced many more positive side effects like:

  • less itchy and sensitive skin
  • less bleeding gums
  • whiter and clearer eyes
  • stable energy throughout the day
  • less sugar cravings
  • my hands and feet are less cold
  • hubby lost around 15 kg
  • looking healthier (comments from others)
  • feeling a higher degree of inner aliveness
  • our 3.5 year old son hasn’t needed any antibiotics or penicillin
  • very few sick days

I’ll go into detail about our lifestyle changes, which fall into four categories; Nourishment, Toxic free home & personal care, Mindfulness & meditation, and Movement. I’ll cover these four categories over the next four posts so stay tuned and don’t miss out as this could help you minimise or alleviate your neck and/or back pain.


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