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In my previous post I shared what saved me postpartum and you can read it HERE if you missed it. When I enrolled in Belinda Davidson’s School of the Modern Mystic (SoMM) level 1 course two years ago, it was out of desperation. I was struggling because I couldn’t keep living the way I used to and it wasn’t because I was following a particular competitive or busy career path before the birth of our son nor had my life or childhood been particularly traumatic.

While I started feeling better within a month time of starting Belinda’s course, I also discovered how my attitude towards my life changed. I’ve always seen myself as a positive and energetic person, however, I realised that something more shadowy was hiding behind this positive attitude. For example obstacles or sudden changes could sometimes drain my energy or I could’t let go and move. I would often experience this feeling of something or someone working against me from time to time, even though I didn’t make long term plans for my life and impulses have taken me many places.

It would make me angry, frustrated, fill me with despair or make me feel sorry for myself but suddenly a couple of months into Belinda’s course, my life started to effortlessly flow more and more. The best way I can explain it is that I started experiencing an inner trust and acceptance of what comes my way. Now I experience much more that I roll with my life circumstances and the bumps on my path. If something doesn’t feel right one day I trust that it will the next day or next week. I still get lots of things done but it’s done with more ease and joy.

You can SIGN UP for the FREE Modern Mystic Training Video Series where you can get to know Belinda and what her course offers. I’m SO PASSIONATE about her teachings because it was the catalyst that transformed my life and I’ve seen so many other SoMM students blossom. I wish that opportunity for everyone on the planet.

Belinda’s teachings also challenges my world view and I really enjoy it. I therefore urge you to WATCH ALL FOUR VIDEOS and if you find it too woo-woo, I want you to know that this is very new to me too but the course gave me so much. Her steps and guidelines are very practical and besides having incredible psychic gifts, Belinda isn’t very woo-woo.

SoMM opens its doors for enrolment once a year, and that window of opportunity for 2016 starts today until 5 October and the price is lower if you pay before 20 September. The course begins on 10 October.


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