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In two weeks time our little family of three are moving overseas and I’ll be reunited with my home country once more. In the years I’ve been living in Australia, I feel so much has changed and I’ve changed a lot too so I’ve this strong urge to move back and experience “my home” as the world and I’ve changed and of course I’m looking forward to being closer to family and friends.

But before we get on the aeroplane there’re so much to organise and practicalities to get on top of. It’s stressful and feels overwhelming so to keep my sanity 😉 I expect less of myself and I allow myself to slack on my routines at the moment. I also remind myself to trust that it’ll all work out fine even though the to-do-list is still long.

We all perceive stress differently and our perception of an event are subjective and the meaning that we assign to an event determines how we respond. To me the unpredictable nature and a sense of loss of control that comes with the big changes happening to our little family at the moment creates stress for me. This isn’t stressful to my partner who is more a “go with the flow” kind of guy and if it was up to him, he would leave most things to the last moment 😉

I’m an active person that gets things done and I feel more comfortable with doing things rather than allowing. This side of me has taken me many places. I like training a lot so I joined the National Danish Performance Team (a mix of gymnastics and modern dance) back in 1999-2000, touring the world for ten months, performing and running workshops all over the world or studying full-time for seven years straight. It has also got me to where I am today, building my own business and blogging every week.

On the other hand, this part of my personality also gets me “in trouble” as it burns me out and it keeps my body in a fight-or-flight state which is very unhealthy. So as I’ve come to know myself better 🙂 I know I’ve to be more conscious about being kinder to myself and in particular during periods like these.

I’m performing on Bondi Beach in Sydney.


I’m doing field work in Svalbard (an arctic island) when studying.



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