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This is my story, moving overseas to Australia for several years and now moving back home. And this time, it’s not just me who is moving but I’m bringing my lovely little family with me.

It’s funny how many Australians ask me “why are you moving” when I tell then I’m leaving. I’m not referring to our friends and family here in Perth. They say that they understand in the same sentence that they say they’ll miss us. I feel very blessed ❤️

I think the reason that many Australians wonder why anybody would leave Australia, it’s  because they see it as the best place in the world! We’ve the best beaches, weather and laid back life style here 😃

On the other hand, most Danes think Denmark is the best nation in the world with a great social and political structure. I think, even many Danish people living abroad feel this way. There’s a reason why we ranked as the happiest people in the world for years 😉 and why we also ranked high on other lists like least corruption and crime and a high degree of trust, honesty and equality.

So in contrast to Australians thinking Australia is the best place, Danes think that we do it the best way. We’ve the best systems in place. We happily pay high taxes for free education (including university) and healthcare and we enjoy low childcare rates and 12 months paid maternity leave where the fathers can take several months of it. We believe that everybody has the chance to live out their dreams.

I’ve always seen myself as an open-minded person but when I moved to Australia, it was clear that I was no different that most other Danish people. Nothing was as good as in Denmark, except a nicer weather even though the Perth heat can be too much 😃 This perception changed little by little however very slow in the beginning and now after living several years in Perth, I can see how no nation or place on this planet is perfect. They all have better and less attracting features and ways of doing things and it also depends on the eyes looking.

I’ve wanted to move back to Denmark more or less since I moved here to Perth 😃 but I’ve not been ready to move back until now. I wasn’t ready until I had let go of most my pride towards Denmark. Now I feel I’ve a “clean slate” as I’ve been in residence in two parts of the world.

When I realised that I wasn’t ready to move back home until now, it was like all my sorrows and hardships melted away and I feel I’ve gained so much. I feel I’ve one of the biggest gifts in my hands; a chance to discover or rediscover my home in a new light. It’s both an exciting and frightening feeling to move back. I feel that I’ve changed and developed so much.

When I come back home, I’ll be starting a new journey with my family and I’ll be experiencing my home country with an upgraded pair of eyes. I can’t wait!


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