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Moving back home back to my home town after almost 20 years, one of the things that has caught my attention the most is the community feeling that exits here. Before moving in July, the word community had occupied my mind more and more and I knew I craved more of the community feeling.

Now that I’ve been dumped back into the safe and loving community that I grew up in, I’ve realised how important it is to be part of a community and how crucial it is for my conscious living path, reducing my footprint on the environment.

Coming from a warm climate to a colder climate our wardrobe needed an upgrade and it has been very easy and cheap to find secondhand winter clothes and boots. Additionally, we’ve been able to find farms close by who raise and feed farm animals in a healthy and conscious manner, who can supply us with local and organic meat. We’ve also found a few places to buy local and organic vegetables and we’ve been able to forage more berries, mushrooms and green leafy vegetables than previously.

Another amazing thing is the scale and extent that we borrow from our neighbours and people in our community. People talk with each other to hear what you’re up to and out of that conversation you often end up borrowing and getting something that you just needed to solve a problem or an issue. Or when one neighbour has many apples one year and others less apples, you’re invited to come and help yourself to apples.

I never thought I would come back to live here but right now my life’s circumstances has led me and my family here. I enjoy it and I’m re-learning a lot about community, which is very useful for an introvert like me  🙂

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