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I’m over half way in my second pregnancy (29 weeks). It’s going really well. So far not much has changed. My everyday routine and lifestyle is the same as before I was pregnant. I can still move around fairly easily and there are no complications so far. I truly appreciate this and in particular as I believe that my belly is already as big now as just before giving birth to our son four years ago.

Of course there have been a few “adjustments”. During the first trimester, I was more tired. I listened to my body and I went to bed earlier. Around weeks 6 to 12, I didn’t feel like eating greens and vegetables, in particular raw. Instead I cooked my vegetables and added green powders into my diet. I usually enjoy a glass or two of wine a couple of times a week. This has turned into a few sips from hubby’s glass from time to time. Just so it doesn’t feel like I miss out 😉 

When you think about it, it’s bizarre that many of us begin to change lifestyle when becoming pregnant or starting to think about conceiving. Some might start to move more, going for walks. Others might cut down fast food and add more nutrition into their meals. Some might start to reduce their exposure to toxins from their home and environment like personal care and cleaning products. While others might reduce their stress level, relax or sleep more. We make these changes because we know that it’s better for our health and the growing baby in our belly. But when we think about it, it is really silly that we don’t treat ourselves this way all time. Whether pregnant or not pregnant. 

Step by step over the last years, I’ve changed my lifestyle prioritising nutritional eating, more sleep as well as reducing my stress level and my exposure to chemicals in my cleaning and personal care products. This means that I didn’t have to make much change to my lifestyle and everyday routines now that I’m pregnant. I’m already following pregnancy recommendations. I feel the benefits and it doesn’t feel like I have to make a special effort. I stick to my usual routines and priorities and pregnancy feels like a natural part of life.


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