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Lately, I’ve been drinking a simple ginger and lemon tea. It has lots of nourishing and healing properties! I slice the ginger and put it in a mug. Then I pour boiling water in the mug and let it cool so I can drink it […]



Our three year old (soon to be four) hasn’t been given antibiotics so far. I’m truly happy for this because not only does the antibiotic kill the bad guys but also the good guys, that you benefit from every minute. I’m certainly not against antibiotics because […]



My first line of treating physical ailments and discomfort is therapeutic grade essential oils. I would like to share with you how I use essential oil to support my body and immune system but first I would like to share an unpleasant surprise I woke up to yesterday morning.

I woke up with my first cold sore ever 🙁 I was somewhat devastated! I’d been very pleased that so far I hadn’t had to battle ‘this’ common viral infection until now.

Since childhood I’ve delt with other viral infections, one manifest being flat warts and another as plantar warts. I know that these are a sign of a compromised immune system, which goes hand in hand with the development of an autoimmune condition that I have since been able to reverse due to lifestyle changes.

I think I know how my system was weakened to be unable to fight off this viral exposure to the Herpes Simplex virus (type 1 and 2). Sounds horrible doesnt it!

Early last week, I waxed my lip area. Then mid week, I came down with mild gastro. Then last weekend I went to the swimming pool with my son where I could easily have been exposed. I’m sure I’ve been exposure numerous times in the past but this time the right combination of unfortunate events made me susceptible to the virus.

As soon as I realised it was a cold sore, I grabbed a melaleuca (also know as tea tree) roller bottle and applied it to the area. I then did some more research how to treat cold sores naturally and Melaleuca was indeed one of the essential oils recommended to treat a cold sore. Other essential oils recommended are peppermint, clove and helichrysum essential oils. For the rest of the day I applied peppermint essential oil as it was found to demonstrate a direct virucidal activity against herpes type 1 and 2 viruses in a study.

Apply 1-2 drops of chosen essential oil diluted with carrier oil on the cold sore several times a day or as needed.

To further alleviate the discomfort I applied an ice cube as well as dabbing some of my parents cognac to the cold sore several times (cognac was a recommendation from a retired doctor). By midday, the discomfort had gone.

Hygiene is also very important! I wash my hands before and after applying anything to the cold sore area. In addition, I submerge my toothbrush in boiling water after use.

I’ll keep applying peppermint essential oils and probably some of the other oils recommended to treat cold sores to support my body healing from this viral infection. I hope that my already healthy lifestyle will keep the viral infection abay and not return.

The whole focus of the health of our little family is to support and strengthening our immune system from the food we take, the way we move, rest and sleep as well as the way we think.

Previously, I’ve been successful in treating a fungal infection (ring worm) that our son contracted as well as the fast healing of the skin after burns, stings and cuts. I also use essential oil blends that I rub on the chest to help with coughs or rub on the belly to help with discomfort in the tummy. I’ve friends who swear by the respiratory blend during the winter months. They feel a huge difference when using that blend of essential oils!

When using therapeutic grade essential oils in combination with topical magnesium, I’ve also been able to help and friend of a friend relieve pain in her legs in the evening and night. You can read more about my Magnesium Body Butter here http://ditteeden.com/magnesium-restless-legs/

I use doTERRA essential oils because they’re food and therapeutic grade essential oils and the plants are grown in a region in which they’re indigenous and grown naturally for thousands of years, within nutritive soil conditions, air quality, weather/moisture etc. These conditions as well as the extraction process are reflected in the quality of the essential oils.

You can order doTERRA essential oils HERE and they’ll be send directly to you. Or even better, if you want to buy the oils at wholesale price (25% of retail price), you can enroll with your own account HERE. There is no monthly order required, no contracts or lock in and it can be cancelled any time.

Enjoy mixing, experimenting, sniffing and using them in your food too!


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