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From time to time, I’ll mix up natural remedies and I often use my therapeutic and food grade essential oils. I also like to give friends and family a roller bottle with a blend of beautiful smelling essential oil that they can apply instead of […]



I’ve just made another batch of magnesium body butter, which I apply to my feet and legs most nights when I go to bed. I also made a batch for a friend’s colleague who suffers from restless legs syndrome (RLS). RLS is a disorder that causes a […]




This magnesium body butter from Wellness Mama is great to help sleep, boost magnesium levels and is also great apply on sore muscles. If you add essential oils it will also smell divine as well as supporting rest/sleep or help with sore muscles. Lavender, cedarwood and/or vetiver essential oil will calm your body and mind, supporting rest and sleep and peppermint, cypress and/or marjoram essential oil will help ease sore muscles.

Another great thing about this magnesium body butter is that it’s great for mild sun exposure as coconut oil and shea butter are both naturally SPF of 4-5 plus it contains magnesium that’s needed for the absorption of vitamin D. If you don’t use this magnesium body butter before sun exposure, don’t forget to use after sun exposure to help the body absorb Vitamin D. We hear over and over again on the news how most people are vitamin D deficient!

I use doTERRA essential oils because they’re food and therapeutic grade essential oils and the plants are grown in a region in which it’s indigenous and where the plants have grown naturally for thousands of years, creating the nutritive soil conditions, air quality, weather/moisture etc. These conditions as well as the extraction process are reflected in the quality of the essential oils.

You can order doTERRA essential oils HERE and they’ll be send directly to you. Or even better, if you want to buy the oils to wholesale price (25% of retail price), you can enroll with your own account HERE. There is no monthly order required, no contracts or lock in and it can be cancelled any time.


1/2 cup magnesium flakes and 3 Tbsp boiling water or 1/2 cup of pre-made magnesium oil
1/4 cup Coconut oil (unrefined)
2 Tbsp beeswax
3 Tbsp Shea butter
10 drops Essential oil (optional) lavender, cedar wood and/or vetiver for rest and sleep or peppermint, cypress and/or marjoram for sore muscles.



  1. Pour 3 tablespoons of boiling water in to the magnesium flakes in a small container and stir until it dissolves. This will create a thick liquid. Set aside to cool.
  2. Melt the coconut oil, beeswax and shea butter in glass jar or a bowl that tolerates heat in a pot with 5cm of water on low to medium heat.
  3. When melted, remove the jar or bowl form the heat and let the mixture cool until room temp and slightly opaque. At this point, put in to a medium bowl or into a blender.
  4. If in a bowl, use a hand blender or immersion blender on medium speed and start blending the oil mixture.
  5. Add essential oils if using
  6. Slowly (starting with a drop at a time) add the dissolved magnesium mixture to the oil mixture while continuing blending until all of the magnesium mix is added and it is well-mixed.
  7. Put in the fridge for 15 minutes and re-blend to get body butter consistency.
  8. Store in fridge for a cooling lotion (best consistency) or at room temp for up to two months.

Note: Should you feel a little tingling sensation where you’ve applied the magnesium body butter this is normal as the magnesium is absorbed through your skin and it’ll face after a few applications.


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