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For a while, I’ve wanted to get a tongue cleaner/ scraper for cleaning my tongue. Now, I’ve finally got around to purchasing the one that Living libations recommend.

Tongue cleaning is the best remedy for bad breath as it’s the best way to remove bacteria that cause bad breath. Living Libations also writes, that tongue cleaning also helps improve taste and remove the coating on the tongue to slow the growth of plaque. During a regular visit at my dentist, my dentist told me to clean my tongue after oil pulling and brushing my teeth as the first thing in the morning, before having breakfast. I’ve followed this practice for several months now but used my toothbrush to brush my tongue.

I’ve found that this tongue cleaner is easy to use and effective to remove any coating on my tongue. My three year old son also likes to use it and I wash the tongue scraper with a natural soap after use so that we don’t transfer any unwanted bacteria between family members.

In this picture you can also see homemade oil pulling chews, toothpaste and mouth wash plus a biodegradable toothbrush and silk floss. I prefer to make these products myself because I’ve control of the ingredients used in these products. It also minimise packaging because most of the ingredients I also use in homemade remedies and the food that I make, like coconut oil, sea salt, bicarb of soda (sodium bicarbonate), diatomaceous earth and essential oils.

I use these homemade products in a daily routine to care for my teeth and gums in a more natural way. As the first thing in the morning, I do oil pulling (max 20 mins) while doing other things like getting dressed, making breakfast etc. I don’t spit out in the sink as the oil makes a mess and could block the drain over time. Instead, I spit in my compost bin. I then brush my teeth and clean my tongue, also before eating. Before going to bed, I brush my teeth, clean my tongue, floss with compostable silk floss and finish up rinsing with mouth wash.

After following this practice for a couple of months, my dentist said that my gums and oral health looked even better than before.


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