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I like to always have homemade icy poles on hand in the freezer and then I might “delicioufy” them by dipping them in homemade chocolate just before serving them. What is left of the homemade dark chocolate, I pour into a lined dish to set in the fridge. When set I cut or break them into serving size chocolate bites.

It’s not much work to me because it simple becomes easier every time, I make these delicious ones. I often make it while cooking dinner if I’m waiting for the food to finish cooking in the oven or on the stow. I’ll often do the same making my own dark chocolate and I dip the frozen icy poles in the melted chocolate and we enjoy them after dinner as a little dessert.
400 ml Coconut cream or milk
2 tbsp Nut butter of choice
3 tbsp Raw cacao powder
3-4 tbsp Natural sweetener of choice
2 tbsp Coconut oil (optional for a more creamy version)
Dark chocolate for dipping
Mix all ingredients with a stick blender, food processor or Thermomix until smooth.
Taste to see if you to add more nutter butter or sweetener before pouring the mix into icy pole moulds.
When completely frozen, melt some dark chocolate and drip or scoop the melted chocolate over the frozen icy poles. The chocolate will harden instantly.
You can now refreeze the icy poles in a container or bag or enjoy right away.


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