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Our three year old (soon to be four) hasn’t been given antibiotics so far. I’m truly happy for this because not only does the antibiotic kill the bad guys but also the good guys, that you benefit from every minute. I’m certainly not against antibiotics because they save many lives and we don’t die from infections as many of our ancestors did. But you only want antibiotics when really needed. Often the body can fight off the infection or it’s caused by a virus, which antibiotics don’t work against.

In our little family we focus on supporting our body and our immune system to battle unwanted invaders. First of all, we prioritise nutrition with every bite. Eating isn’t entertainment but it’s for nourishing our bodies. Secondly, we support our body with remedies made from natural ingredients should we come down with the flu, cough, stomach bug or battle a fungal infection on the skin.

One of the primary natural compounds that I use are essential oils (therapeutic grade). I use them again and again for a variety of ailments. This week our son got the cough and he started coughing in the evening. I didn’t realise that we was actually coughing a lot until he was in bed and kept waking up due to his cough. I then rubbed on his chest an essential oil blend that supports and eases the respiratory system. I also added a couple of drops in a diffuser in his bedroom. To my surprise, his breathing and cough calmed and he slept much much better afterwards. I also gave him liposomal vitamin C to give his immune system an extra boost. The next morning he woke up happy and with lots of energy as normal. Of course he still coughs a little but he didn’t come down with a fever and low energy. I keep up using the essential oils and liposomal vitamin C until his cough has gone completely.

I’ve friends who stock up on this essential oil blend for the respiratory system when autumn starts and use it for themselves and their kids during the cold and dark season. A friend of a friend with respiratory issues also tried this blend and found that it helped her. She then went to buy her own in a health food shop but it didn’t have the same effect. When you buy essential oils it’s important to buy therapeutic grade or organic and the price is a clean indication of the quality.

I use doTERRA essential oils because they’re food and therapeutic grade essential oils and the plants are grown in a region in which they’re indigenous and grown naturally for thousands of years, within nutritive soil conditions, air quality, weather/moisture etc. These conditions as well as the extraction process are reflected in the quality of the essential oils.

You can order doTERRA essential oils HERE and they’ll be send directly to you. Or even better, if you want to buy the oils at wholesale price (25% of retail price), you can enroll with your own account HERE. There is no monthly order required, no contracts or lock in and it can be cancelled any time.

Enjoy mixing, experimenting, sniffing and using them in your food too!


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