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Supplements and superfoods can be a costly affair and since starting a little family the budget has been tight. We therefore stay away from superfoods and supplements, focusing on wholefoods and we’ve taken wholefoods to the next level by literally consuming the whole food like banana peel and avocado seed that contain even more goodness than the tasty flesh. I see it as a way to make my own “superfoods” and if you already eat banana and avocado it comes free of charge 🙂

We’ve also just cured our own fish roe that’s very nutritious and our three year old son clears the fish roe off his breakfast plate before his scrambled eggs. At the moment, I’m looking into making our own calcium powder from eggshells so stay tuned if you’re interested in learning how to make it yourself. The calcium carbonate in eggshells is bioavailable for humans.

We mainly incorporate our homemade “superfoods” in our morning green smoothies and Merlin sprinkles banana peel powder on his coffee. This photo is of our morning green smoothie as it looks at the moment. The ingredients change with what’s in season. This isn’t a sweet green smoothie but we like it this way and our son has a little shot glass of it every morning and you can start out with half water kefir/coconut water and half green smoothie in your children’s glass. Experiment with the ratios of the ingredients so that the green smoothie turns out the tastiest for you.



1 cup Water kefir or coconut water
1/2 cup Water
1 Grapefruit (juice and pulp)
1 handful Pea shoots
1 handful Green leaves
Optional Raw Bee Pollen, Diatomaceous Earth & homemade avocado seed powder or banana peel powder


The raw bee pollen is a gift from The Organic Health + Lifestyle Co and Sarah mentioned that a relative of hers who has taken the raw bee pollen experienced reduced seasonal allergy the following season. We don’t suffer from seasonal allergies but I still find this very interesting.

The Diatomaceous Earth is something I’ve come across a couple of times during my research so I finally looked into it and when I found out that it’s quite inexpensive I decided to give it a go to assist combating the candida overgrowth I have. To my surprise, my cravings for sweets have really diminished. Since switching to an ancestral inspired diet, which follows “the candida diet”, my cravings minimised but tests has showed that I still have candida overgrowth. I hope taking Diatomaceous Earth will combat it completely. If you’ve cravings, I encourage you to cut down or quit sugar as well as taking Diatomaceous Earth. You can just see it as an experiment 😉
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