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Selling our couches was the first step in creating a home that facilitates movement rather than a sedentary lifestyle full of furniture that creates a development-crippling environment as it inhibits natural movement. Furniture literally shapes your body!

It all arose from my interest in natural movement, specifically our movement profile on a day-to-day basis, which includes sitting, standing and sleeping positions. Look around you! Can you see how entwined and affected your movement profile is by your surroundings?

Like most modern people, I’ve developed my body to sitting in a chair, couch and other soft sitting stuff as I became more and more sedentary as I got older. This is very different to how we humans originally were sitting, on a harder and less restricting surface, the ground.

Does your back also hurt from sitting? My lower back did and I struggled for several years, however it become better when I practiced yoga a couple of times a week but what excites me about selling our couches is that my hip opening practice becomes an all day practice.

Simply sitting cross-legged on the floor is a position that opens and stretches out your hips. Many of us take yoga classes as a hip opening practice so going couch free is a great way to extend your yoga practice.

This is the reason why a couple of floor cushions that creates a slightly elevated areas will be our new seating style in our son’s room (first photo).


We love the additional space we have created by selling our couch in our living room (second photo). Now our gym rings have got a central location and our son loves to swing in our hammock style sitting option.  In addition, we’re using our bookshelf as seating option for guests and it’s also perfect for shoulder massages

I’ll keep you updated with our transition to a furniture free home so don’t miss my upcoming posts on natural movement.


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