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My family enjoys a meal with mussels or oysters at least once a month. Not only is it delicious but also amazing for your brain health as mussels and oysters are brain building with their high content of long chain omega 3 fat. Another great thing about mussels and oysters is that when farmed they can’t be fed an unnatural diet like for example farmed salmon.

When you’ve finished a delicious and nutritious meal with mussels, you don’t want to throw them in the rubbish bin. Instead you can crush them and put them in your compost bin or dig them in your garden, which will add porosity and minerals to the soil as they decompose.

You can also do what we did here, inspired by the Crushed Shell Driveway tradition from Hawaii 😃 Throw the shells out on your driveway and they’ll be crushed within a few days as you can see on the photo. You can rinse or wash them before using them if you’re worried about attracting rats etc.


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