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I’ve been making my own gelatine gummies but now I’m also getting my hand into making homemade marshmallows using grass fed gelatine powder. It’s a great way to make nutritious treats but it’s still a treat so only consume these homemade marshmallows occasionally. Stay tuned for recipes as I create my favourite ones 🙂


Grass fed gelatine powder is great source of dietary collagen, which contains amino acids like glycine and proline. Most of us don’t consume in adequate amounts of these amino acids as they’re found in bones, fibrous tissues and organ meat. Traditionally, our diet was much higher in gelatine because we were consuming more parts of an animal like skin, tendons and other gelatinous cuts of meat. This means that we’re eating a lot less gelatine than our ancestors.

The glycine and proline amino acids are needed for healthy skin, hair and nail growth as well as optional immune function and weight regulation. In addition, glycine is anti-inflammatory and has shown to help with sleep and promote calmness.

Gelatin can also improve gut health by enhancing gastric acid secretion and restoring a healthy mucosal lining in the stomach. Collagen is also absorbed much better through digestion than through your skin so you might as well stop buying skin creams with collagen.



You can read much more about the benefits and uses the two posts from the Wellness Mama & Chris Kresser.


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