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These cinnamon Christmas cookies are made from a gluten free shortcrust pastry. I like them because they’re not too sweet but still enough sweetness for me 🙂 Since going sugar free (traditional sugar) about three years ago my tasts buds have changed, so I don’t need my treats to be very sweet at all to satisfy me. I’ve also noticed that my (mostly sugar free) son finds normal treats very sweet when other kids don’t so much.

Really It’s never to late to cut down on the sweet addictive stuff 😉 You can go “full in” eliminating sugar, soft drinks juices, etc or you can start step by step cutting it down. This will get your taste buds accustomed to less and less super sweet flavours, a good sign your body is noticing what is too sweet for it to handle. I kick started my own sugar free journey here.

The best thing is that you don’t have to miss out on goodies! During the different holiday seasons, I’ve enjoyed transforming or tweaking traditional dishes and treats to gluten free, dairy free and processed sugar free versions that’s are tasty and fulfilling.

You can find this recipe and many other gluten free, dairy free and sugar free recipes here.

Merry Christmas and enjoy!


INGREDIENTS (makes around 40)

50 g Butter or ghee

30 g Coconut sugar or another preferred natural sweetener

2 Eggs (1 for the dough + 1 for brushing)

100 g Sorghum flour or other gluten free flour

1/2 tsp Baking powder

1/2 tsp Cardamon powder

1/2 Lemon (peel only)

30 g Chopped almonds (optional)

Cinnamon powder



Mix sugar and butter in a mixer until the mixture turns white. Then keep mixing while adding one egg.

Add flour, cardamon and grated lemon peel and mix further for about another 10 minutes.

Move the dough into the fridge or a cool area for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Set the oven to 200 C degrees (400 F) and line or grease a tray.

Roll the dough into a thick sausage shape and cut into thin slices using a sharp knife. Place the slices onto the line tray and brush each with the lightly beaten second egg and sprinkle with cinnamon powder and chopped almonds (I didn’t add to mine as I shouldn’t have them).


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