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Are you into consuming WHOLE FOODS? Here is a way to literally eating the whole food 😉

I’m 100% up for consuming the whole food when possible and it’s also better for the environment. Many banana peels end up in landfill or maybe you compost them? However, what if I tell you that there’s great health benefits from eating the peel.

Indigenous people consumed the whole banana and still today many people in particular Asia consume the whole banana. The banana peel is usually cooked to some degree and the peel is not as sweet as the flesh however the riper you allow the banana to get, the thinner and sweeter the peel becomes.

Banana peel is rich in nutrients, especially potassium but contains also magnesium, vitamin C, B-6 and B-12. The banana peel contain much more soluble and insoluble fiber than their flesh, which promotes better digestion. Banana peel also contains tryptophan, which increases serotonin levels in your body, the ‘happy hormone’ that helps promote quality sleep. Furthermore, banana skin contains powerful antioxidants like lutein that protects the eye from free radicals (oxidative stress) and UV radiation from the sun.

Banana peel can be boiled, fried or cooked in the oven. These are dried in the oven and we put them in the oven when using the oven for something else. That is how simple you can do it. You can also dry them in a dehydrator.

Some recommends to brew a tea from the desiccated banana peal and here I’ve sprinkled it on my green matcha tea latte. YUM! It has a beautiful flavour and you should have been here when I was grinding the dried banana peel. What an amazing smell!

Remember to ONLY use the skin from organic bananas or you will end up consuming herbicides and pesticides.


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