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Do you find it hard to mix up breakfast as I do?

This morning morning we had this cranberry chia pudding that I made last night. I haven’t made chia pudding for many months.

I blended coconut milk (I make my coconut milk from coconut milk powder), dried cranberries sweetened with apple juice, vanilla bean powder, salt and a little coconut oil.

Add the amount of cranberries for the taste and sweetness that you like.

I would normally add hydrolysed collagen or gelatin powder but I’m waiting for the delivery of a new order of Pulletproof collagen protein powder.

When the above listed ingredients are well blended, mix in the chia seeds on low speed.

Pour the mixture in serving bowls and decorate with nuts and dried cranberries. I used walnuts.

Leave in the fridge over night or until set.



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