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From time to time, I’ll mix up natural remedies and I often use my therapeutic and food grade essential oils. I also like to give friends and family a roller bottle with a blend of beautiful smelling essential oil that they can apply instead of conventional perfumes that are ridden with toxic ingredients and many of them will not be listed on the bottle of perfume.

A about a month ago I made my Magnesium Body Butter to a friend’s colleague with Restless Legs Syndrome to help alleviate the pain she would experience in her legs in the evenings and nights. Then last week, I got an email from her saying that the magnesium body butter had really helped with the pain.

I love to receiving emails like this one. There’s nothing better than being able to help other people!


This week I’ve been mixing up different blends with these therapeutic essential oils for my son’s daycare, a lovely neighbour and a friend of a friend.

A balm to help reduce skin inflammation for a friend’s friend.

A spray bottle for the wellness/ mindfulness sessions at my son’s daycare.

A roller bottle to my lovely neighbour for a little self-care.

I hope it will add a little extra something in their lives. It certainly feels good to give

I use doTERRA essential oils because they’re food and therapeutic grade essential oils and the plants are grown in a region in which they’re indigenous and where the plants have grown naturally for thousands of years, creating the nutritive soil conditions, air quality, weather/moisture etc. These conditions as well as the extraction process are reflected in the quality of the essential oils.

You can order doTERRA essential oils HERE and they’ll be send directly to you. Or even better, if you want to buy the oils at wholesale price (25% of retail price), you can enroll with your own account HERE. There is no monthly order required, no contracts or lock in and it can be cancelled any time.


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